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    Learn languages via Skype from KZT 2333 per 1 hour

    •   One-to-One Private Education
    •   Customized Learning Programs, Free E-Books
    •   Free 24/7 access to online platform with additional materials and videos
    •   English, Russian, Kazakh, French, German, Turkish, Chinese
    •   IELTS, TOEFL, KAZTEST preparation
    Talk English via Skype
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    Online Language Course for Kids
    This Course focuses on the individual learning requirement of the kids
    addressing the skills for pronunciation, grammar and basic vocabulary
    • Increase their confidence and interest in the Foreign Language
    • Focus on building confidence in communication skills on the Foreing Language
    • Develop thinking and problem-solving skills
      Parents can control the learning process and progress
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    Business English Classes for Professionals
                      Interview, Telephoning, Business writing, Presentation skills, Meetings
    Our intensive online English courses for business have a problem-solving approach to help with your professional needs
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    Take Trial class
    Take a trial class with our Head Teacher to feel
    more comfortable before starting
    • Check Language Proficiency
    • Set learning Goals
    • Discuss Learning Style and Intensity
1. Create Skype login

1. Create Skype login

1. Create Skype logine

After receiving a detailed consultation on our courses and Skype lessons our manager create your personal Skype via which you will be able to try Skype lessons. If you don’t have Skype installed in your computer you should go to the official site http://www.skype.com/ru/download-skype/skype-for-computer/ and install the program.

2. Have a trial lesson

2. Have a trial lesson

2. Try a trial lessone

After signing in and receiving detailed consultation our manager offer the best suitable teacher for you depending on your level and needs. You can have a look at what we are offering. 

3. Choose personal learning program

3. Choose personal learning program

3. Choose personal learning programe

Our professional teachers can offer you various programs depending on what you really need. 

4. Enjoy learning

4. Enjoy learning


24/7 acess to online platform

Songs, video clips, grammar exercises, memorizing words for each level.

Full language immersion

Lessonss are conducted in the teaching language.60 minute individual lesson which make you think in learning language.

24 / 7 learning

Enjoy learning any time, any place and any location.

Online Courses in OLS

OLS having its wide 8 years experience in teaching English and other languages online with highly qualified tutors from Britain, Canada, USA, Australia etc.

This is an ideal solution for busy people who are looking for the maximum benefit from communication with teacher and a 100% result in a comfortable environment. These classes are conducted by qualified Kazakh teachers and Native language tutors.
Do you need more practice in speaking and writing? No problem, we can customize your course to give you exactly what you need.

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